The inspiring turtle!

21 October 2019
21 October 2019 lesevades

The inspiring turtle!

When Everyday Sunday was founded, we were naturally drawn to the turtle as our symbol. In the beginning, it was really the personal passion of Nathalie, one of our co-founders and designers, that led us to our choice. A passion that can be seen in her collection of turtles, of all shapes and colours.

And as we all now, the turtle is, hands-down, one of the cutest animals ever.

As our representative and constant companion on our journey, we felt obliged to delve a little deeper into its meaning. We were amazed by the incredible richness we discovered and by everything that this fascinating animal has to teach us! And we are not the only ones to think it is pretty special: the turtle is revered by cultures the world over. This ancient animal is the subject of countless myths and legends.

Here are a few traits and nuggets of wisdom associated with it:


The turtle has been on the earth for millions of years. Certain species live to over 100! And with such age comes great wisdom and secrets to share. Its strength, steadiness and endurance are some of the qualities that support its impressive lifespan.

Patience, constancy and balance

The turtle teaches us how much we have to gain from growing at a slow but constant pace. Whatever our limits, whatever our reality, steady effort allows us to reach our goals. It also invites us to take our time, to really observe and reflect, and then find balanced solutions to bring our aspirations to life.


The turtle remains calm even in moments of great turbulence. It reminds us to cultivate inner peace, at all moments.


Sometimes, when work or life overwhelms us, we take a step back, and say to ourselves: wait, we are losing touch with our symbol! Holding it up as an example, we take time out and remember that with the right attitude, everything moves forward. And the journey is so much more enjoyable as a result!


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