The multiway swimsuit: an Everyday Sunday staple

21 October 2019
21 October 2019 lesevades

The multiway swimsuit: an Everyday Sunday staple

Since the launch of the Everyday Sunday brand, this signature swimsuit has been the root cause of so many women’s sheer delight.

It gives our team great satisfaction to read through all the positive feedback it has received or to take part in a fitting session and hear the oohs and aahs of women as they glance at themselves in the mirror while wearing the swimsuit. Its qualities are as manifold as the praise it has drawn: its fabric is soft and comfortable, it fits all body types well, is multi-purpose and adjustable in mere seconds to be worn in five different ways. The waist is emphasized with elegance and femininity thanks to a subtle fold in the fabric.

On the picture, you’ll find a few look suggestions that can be reproduced by playing with the straps, including a few updated retro looks. Keep close watch on our ever-expanding colour palette, which is updated every season. You’ll be happy to know that our creative team is already at work on new variations!

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